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Planning permission
Many kinds of buildings and structures can be built in your garden or on the land around your house without the need to apply for planning permission. There are, however, limits and conditions which must be followed and in some circumstances you will need to apply for planning permission.

As this is the most important part of any building, we install a suitable foundation to suit the site or ground condition as part of the package. Steel mini piles concreted into the sub soil with beams connecting them support our sectional insulated floor panels. Or a floating raft foundation can be used with concrete pads to provide suitable ventilation below building floor.

Rainwater recovery
The roofs of our buildings have an inbuilt slope allowing the rain water collected on the roof to drain to a gutter. Black PVC guttering and a downpipe connected to a local soakaway (French drain) is provided as standard. We can, upon request and additional cost, provide a water butt to store water collected by the guttering for reuse in your garden.

Our standard decking material is treated redwood, this can be upgraded toYellow Balau (a tropical hardwood)The decking is fitted to a pressure treated softwood frame sub structure.

We can price to install electrical supply, telephone cables and water connections to our outdoor rooms. We use steel wire armoured cable to bring the electric power from the existing house fuseboard to the garden room. The mechanical protection provided by its steel wire armour makes it suitable for external and underground use  Typically, cables are secured (clipped) to a boundary wall or fence,  in projects which involve plumbing and drainage we organise a service trench running between the house and the garden room and bury the cables.
You will need to get your service provider such as BT, SKY, Virgin Media etc to make the connections to the cabling that we provide.

We can provide a garden landscaping service to compliment your new garden room, from lawns to planting, patios, paved paths from the house and raised beds with colourful planting, to soften the impact of the structure in your garden. Ponds and water features can also be installed, and give a relaxing atmosphere as the cascading sounds help relax and rejuvenate.

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