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The floor joists are in-filled with high performance housing grade insulation and span the foundation system. A high density galvanised rodent-proof steel mesh, underpinned to the joists, protects the flooring material and supports the insulation and keeps out vermin.A polythene DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) layer.prevents moisture reaching the underside of the floor. Plywood sheeting is fitted on top of the floor joists and insulation, providing a sub-floor ready for the final flooring material of your choice, which can be laminate, engineered wood, carpet, linoleum, tiles or a solid wood floor.

Timber Studio at NightWalls
The walls are multilayered which gives them excellent insulation and weathering properties.they are wrapped in a breathable membrane then.pressure treated battens are use to create a vented cavity behind the timber cladding which is Western Red Cedar. Internally electric and data cables  are concealed within the structure. The interior walls are dry lined with moisture-resistant plasterboard. This is skim coated to provide a smooth seamless finish which we decorate with two coats of white matt emulsion.Decorated, stylish and practical square edge skirtings are fitted where walls meet floors.

Like the floor and the walls, the roof is multi-layered giving it superior insulation values and weathering properties. The flat roofs are fitted with a one piece EPDM membrane which is glued to the plywood deck. Low maintenance, environmentally friendly Sedum planted "Green Roofs" are offered as an optional extra. Cabling for lights is concealed within the roof structure. Recessed internal and external lighting is provided as standard. Internally the ceiling is dry lined with moisture resistant plasterboard, which is skim coated to provide a smooth seamless finish which we decorate with two coats of white matt emulsion.

Doors and windows
Our energy efficient windows and doors are very high quality and have excellent durability. We offer hardwood or aluminum frames with high security locking systems and built in ventalation  We offer a large selection including fixed frame windows, tilt&turn windows, high level windows, single entrance doors, double entrance patio doors, sliding doors and folding/sliding doors.

External finishes

Our standard external wall finish is wood cladding, we can colour render as an option. Western Red Cedar vertical cladding has been chosen for its superior weathering properties, faster rain run-off times and better moisture resistance. Stainless steel fixings are used in attaching the cladding to the main timber frame, ensuring no compromise on the durability of the structure.
Stylish powder-coated aluminium roof fascias or stained timber to match the external cladding are provided as standard on our buildings. The underside of our roof overhangs are clad with external grade timber to match the walls.

Bifolding doors on timber studioElectrical specifications
All our garden rooms have a generous electrical fit-out The standard package includes an independent consumer unit (fuseboard) with in-built RCD, trip switching on each circuit and a mains isolator fused switch. Additionally, flush wall-mounted telephone and data points All socket and switch plates are standard white fittings. To provide a quality internal finish all cabling is concealed within the structure, so there will be no surface-mounted cables or trunking.Internal lighting is provided by recessed ceiling downlights External lighting is provided by recessed downlights in the roof overhangs and deck uplights if applicable. Low energy light bulbs are available upon request as an optional extra